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Reality Fractured Introduction

Imagine witnessing a fracture in reality. Imagine you live in your normal, safe world but something has changed. 

Is it the old man in your favorite coffee shop who is always writing letters and folding them into origami animals that now run off to deliver themselves? 
Is it the bus stop that now talks to you, desperate for social interaction? Is it the shadows that follow you, silhouettes of people just beyond recognition?

Imagine each time you witness something out of place like this, the more that you notice. 
Imagine that the more you notice, the more that they notice youImagine that the more you interact with the strangeness, the more it can interact with you. 

What will you do when the the strange things become menacing? How will you cope with the fact that you cannot tell anyone, not your friends and certainly not your family? How will you deal with the knowledge that to tell someone risks dragging them into the same danger you are now in? When it becomes too much to bear alone, what would you do?

Maybe you write an anonymous blog about it. 
Maybe you call it Reality Fractured. Maybe it is a cry for help. Maybe it is a dire warning to whoever reads it.

Maybe you should see for yourself here... but maybe, if you are not sure, maybe it would be safer to turn away now.

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